Taxi Booking & Dispatch

Cab Calling software: Taxi Wings!

Your cab booking business in the Celestine sixth dimension!


With the sixth dimension being said, we hereby give the cab business owners like you, the stunning six services with this taxi booking software:

  • Advanced reporting system
  • Automated operations
  • Optimized resource management
  • Unproductive cost reduction
  • User friendly UI
  • Faster operating times and precise!
Your Logo

We are unique, so as you! Hence you have the totally customizable logo.

SaaS for users

The highly simplified common delivery model for your business application.

Call masking

Mask your calls using VoIP integration, instead of regular PSTNs  hence giving you the cost-effective telephone calls with accurate time frames!

Street Pickups

Pickups anytime, anywhere!

Language support

Enhance the employment opportunities in our country by giving chances for other language people!

Maps integration

Google or any other maps can be integrated with this software.

Online Payment integration

Accepting online payments, so as adopting to digital era.

Taximeter integration

Which helps you to go hand in hand with your meter and fare calculation.

Booking reports

Get the perfect to the point reports on every booking details!

Areas we mainly focus on

Live tracking and taxi booking

A simple and effective web application or mobile app, that enables comfortable cab booking.

Automatic assignment

Mirum est notare quam littera gothica, quam nunc putamus parum claram, anteposuerit litterarum formas humanitatis per seacula quarta decima et quinta decima.

Fare calculation

Fares calculation is totally controlled by your tariff being fed. Final fare will be calculated automatically based on the distance travelled.

Call center

We don't just stop with just tracking. We answer you at anytime, open for calls from any internal users, driver's availability, customer's queries, trip collections, feedbacks and what not! We love hearing from you!

User friendly efficiency


For customers

Approximate fair per trip, trip tracking, trip cancellation options and so on... 


For drivers

Their bookings, precisely optimized routes to reach their destinations, consolidated fare, cancellation options, trip acceptance and much more!


Consolidated reports:

All these details are given in the form of records for your reference and corrections!

  • Assigned/Completed trip report.
  • Vehicle's report
  • Cancellation list for either side.
  • Vehicle owners
  • Regular customer report and the list is endless!
  • Many more reports...