GPS Tracking System

We, at Sprout Wings provide the solution for tracking your stolen vehicles for insurance purpose or to put your loved ones into a protective bubble under your surveillance.

Fleet for Small & Large Enterprises

Every business involves some mobility of goods or entities with great care. Monitor the movement of the valuables you transport sitting in your cabin with Sprout Wings.

Taxi Booking / Dispatch System

Taxi booking can be easier with Sprout Wings Pvt.Ltd., We have the pleasure in availing the safest taxi service at your doorsteps at anytime and anywhere you need.

School bus tracking system

Running a school is a huge responsibility! The safety and security of hundreds of school children is something to be handled with utmost care especially with the transportation.

Customized Solutions

Customized solutions serves the unique processes of your business, solves your specific problems, satisfies your exclusive needs and makes your workflows easier, faster, and more efficient.

Short Story About Our Company

Over the years, the erratic revolution in technology has brought about diversities in every sectors which is the main drive why we at Sproutwings Telematics have taken our time to invest closely in the designs of sophisticated telematics structure. Fortunately, the Internet of Things (IoT) plays a part, by connecting GPS applications to deliver data and services that make fleet operations safer, greener and more cost-effective.

Our set of application ranges from fleet tracking, school bus monitoring and employee monitoring, logistics, and a wide range of applications. We believe that every of our clients must achieve the lowest possible total cost of ownership (TCO) for their fleets while complying with increasingly stringent environmental and safety regulations. This also helps them to keep track of every details like Fuel consumption, route management, driver performance and vehicle maintenance all play a part in this goal.

Intellectual smart solutions for fleet

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Tracking Wings

Advanced GPS Tracking System

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Taxi Wings

Taxi Booking & Dispatch System

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What we offer?

One solution for all your tracking needs! We provide the most necessary features on our products such that the total phases of the trip and the vehicle are covered!


Personal tracking

Personal tracking - to have your loved ones safe when they are away from you. This feature comes with several different add-on features for advanced protection and real time alerting mechanisms.


The exclusive Cab booking software

our specialized new benchmark in telematics which enables you to have the complete personalization of the software with the best in class UI. This taxi dispatch and booking software comes with precise live tracking, automatic fare calculation, and much more..!


Fleet management

for the smart business people's fleet which eliminates the lost and stolen vehicles/ goods on road. The fleet management with the ultra sophisticated electronic gadget in the fleet tracks not only your automobile but also the drivers identification and allotments.

Why choose us?

We stand unique in the way that we take special care in making each and every device such that the failure rate is nullified. This makes our devices highly reliable and accurate. The real time information passage to you with more than 25 features in each product and at the affordable cost becomes your best friend that eliminates the stress!

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Our Valuable Clients

Latest From the Blog

Protect your valuables

Now a day crimes have increased in our world, human abduction, vehicle theft and asset theft are the major threats. Monitoring our valuable things with GPS tracker can avoid these situations.

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Ease your work

Every industry has more number of vehicles which cannot be monitored in person. Advanced GPS tracking can help in this situation. You can track all the vehicles from your seat in your office.

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Your Vehicle Doctor

Checking the vehicle completely before starting is mandatory, which helps you in safe driving. But now OBD does this work for you. OBD uses advanced technology to check the mal functioning in your vehicles

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Safety & Secure Travel

Cab/ Taxi, Worried about organizing booking, destination problems, calculating the fares? Advanced taxi booking software helps you in all your problems.

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