Fleet Management

Fleet Tracking and management


You are the BOSS

of not only your business but also the automotive assets you own! Giving the total visibility and control of your assets on any road is our advanced breakthrough! 


Locate, direct and monitor any vehicle anytime:

all using cutting edge GPS technology combined with complex electronic configuration ensuring accuracy in a flash of seconds! 


Real time vehicle monitoring

Data on the position of the vehicles are live with absolute buffering.

Alerts on abnormal situations

Harsh cornering, cars braking/acceleration, accidents and speeding.

Real time information

Acceleration, fuel consumption, ignition start and stop and driver's unfavourable mobilizations.

Precise Reports

N number of accurate customized reports on the vehicle activities, fuel consumptions and so on!

The internal memory, inbuilt battery and the vehicle health report via On Board diagnostics feature*

The pioneer in enabling you to track the 360 degrees of travel! - We set benchmark in personalized 20+ different security, safety and stolen response services and we stand as GUARDIAN for the things and people you love!

What is in for me?

Increased security

The accurate storage and tracking of data thereby minimizing errors by manual operation.

Information on hand

The automatic tracking of each and every changes made manually, hence, data is on hand any time

Security for data

Hence, only authorized personnel can handle sensitive data and information from the software.

Cost effective

We consistently thrive to provide best services at the lowest cost possible in the market. Plan your budget ahead!

Improved efficiency

Have the real time up to date data about all your assets by our constantly measuring performance and efficiency feature and evaluate asset’s life cycle.

Our areas of main focus

Zone management

Controls and fences the zone of operation and hence no chances of missing vehicle.

Route optimization

Ensuring right choice of routes to reach destinations. Hence saving time in addition to fuel!

Fuel monitoring

Have the absolute calculation on your vehicle’s mileage. Monitor your vehicle’s performance closely!

Driver determination

Our specialized ‘I’ button helps in determining the driver in charge of the trip with their details.

HD camera view

The high definition live viewing of the vehicles on the road; hence no chances of any misplacements!

Fleet analytics report

The highly detailed reports on fleet analytics and management, to help improving efficiency untiringly!

All are through our GPS using GPS phenomenon- Guard Position and Secure your automotive assets using Global Positioning System!  No more delays due to traffic; No more waste of time and fuel; No more lost and stolen! All at the best in market price!