InfoTech evolved as telematics to provide real time tracking at the utmost accuracy!

It is an eagle for you but wings for us! A magnanimous innovation by Sprout wings to keep the personal tracking of your vehicles that are far from your reach all using the Mobile app and the web application. The technical advancement has been tracking the movement even beneath the Earth's crust. Sprout wings is an attempt to give you, 'Advanced Vehicle and personal tracking' for you and your business. And the condensed software solutions for the taxi booking and the logistics management.

We give you the endless personalized services in the form of a handful scoop of TELEMATICS spiced up with drops of IoT and GPS! With the absolute accuracy in tracking data and services, you get to have the most efficient, secured and eco-friendly means of Wireless tracking. WAVE: Wireless Access to Vehicular Environment when combined with security and countless safety solutions at the affordable cost, you get the utmost peace of mind than ever!

In a highly stringent regulatory environment, we give the busy business man like you, the perfect tracking and monitoring of your employees and the fleet. With a well-versed and highly knowledgeable research team, we came up with the most comprehensive 'All-in-one solution'. This enables you to track fuel consumption, driver's performance, vehicle condition, acceleration and the route management- All from your chair!


People first!

We put YOU first in place and develop innovations! Hence your facility comes first in line!

Untiring growth!

We with our smart and intelligent research team always strive to grow as the technology grows!

Ultra satisfactory customer service!

The customer service is our utmost priority, Hence, anytime reliable team of customer support to answer any queries of YOURS!

Our Vision

Our vision is to make tracking accessible to everyone whoever concerned about their loved ones and belongings and to make taxi booking easy.

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Our Skill & Expertise

Accurate tracking system and maintaining the confidentiality of the transaction.




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